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Old Glazier's Workshop


The Idea

Stained-glass windows and the art of glass blowing is a theme that LEGO never touched before. Well, although there is of course no real glass in any of all the LEGO houses, the effect of light shining through transparent pieces is incredible. So, I wanted to create a model that captures many different styles of brick-built stained-glass windows and what serves this idea better than a glazier’s workshop?


The Build

I tried to design the model timeless, so that it can serve as a building in the late middle age and an aged house in modern times alike.

The build consists of the workshop featuring all the different tools you need to make glass windows (including an oven) and above, reachable through wooden ladders, you can find the glazier’s bedroom.
Next to the building, there is a small outhouse that is used for storage.

The different sections are modular, so it is easy to lift of the roofs for better access to the detailed interiors.

It comes with 4 Minifigures (Bertrand the Glazier, his apprentice Jeremy, the architect Pascal and his assistant Jean) and Bertrand’s cat Mimi.

The workshop (including the terrain) consists of just under 3000 pieces and measures about 33 x 30 x 28 centimeters (13 x 12 x 11 inches). I only used 2 pieces in new colors and all recent moulds.

I hope you like it, make sure to support, comment and share the Old Glazier’s Workshop!

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