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Medieval Cottage in the Woods

This LEGO build is a Medieval cottage in the woods. I built this because I was looking up a few interesting LEGO rockwork and terrain techniques and thought it would be cool to try them out on a medieval-theme build. This set includes the cottage, with a small river in front, and a horse-drawn merchant's cart. Inside the cottage there is a table with a map and a few other small items. In the carriage there is a lantern hanging from the side, a (live) chicken, a barrel of fish, and a sack. To the side of the cottage there is a tree that can move around to be adjusted to a desired position. There are two minifigures included - a merchant, and a knight. I think this would make a great LEGO set because it would be a great add on to a castle kingdom or any other medieval or castle sets. It would also be a great display piece on its own.

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