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The Gnome Winter Shoe House

Winter has arrived in Gnome Valley!

The Gnome Shoe House is now covered in glistening icicles and fluffy snow (please note that this is not a Gnome *Snowshoe* House; the giants living in the nearby Giant Mountains would naturally never wear such a riddiculus contraption and thus wouldn't accidentally drop one that otherwise might have become a gnome home).

The Gnome family residing in the shoe has discovered that their Gnome neighbors' new Tree Stump House is on display on the Internet and are now quite jealous of the attention the neighbors have gotten. (If you're not familiar with this paramount event, you can get updated by taking a look at The Gnome Stump House.) The Gnome family is now thinking hard about how to beat them in this unoffical competition... With the festive season coming up, their choice was easy.

So, the whole Gnome family is now frantically preparing for Christmas. They've maybe started a bit early, but they have a lot to do. Father Gnome has cut down a spruce tree, now turned into a Christmas tree that has been set up outdoors - no space for that inside a crowded old shoe! - and it's decorated with stars, baubles, and homemade candles (thank you, Mother Gnome!). The outdoor torches are up, the holly wreaths are up, the interior colors have been updated to - red AND green! What a surprise!!
Well, maybe not, this Gnome family sets tradition first - unlike their fancy, design-loving neighbors.

Father Gnome has built a new, well insulated shelter for the rabbits out of a tree trunk, where the bunnies can stay warm and protected during the cold winter nights. Oh, look, one rabbit is being treated to a homemade candy apple (thank you, Mother Gnome!)!

On the rooftop terrace, Father Gnome is ready to relax with homemade acorn pie and hot chocolate (thank you, Mother Gnome!)

The kitchen on the second floor smells sooo good, Christmas acorn pudding has just been made (thank you, Mother Gnome!).

The Gnome children are busy building an igloo in the backyard, where they can play all day long.

Also, dear Mr Snowman has come to visit the Gnome family over the holidays. As you can see he's a bit stiff right now - snowmen are often a bit introverted; they tend to keep to themselves and don't talk very much, as we all know. But rest assured, their relationship will soon thaw.

The beds on the first floor have been updated with new - red AND green! - duvets and there's an extra homemade candle here (thank you, Mother Gnome!).

Mother Gnome, alas, is now completely exhausted. She will hopefully make it downstairs to her bed before she falls asleep.

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