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The Gnome Shoe House


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In Gnome Valley, a small gnome family has moved into their new home.

Their house is made out of a big shoe dropped by one of the gruesome giants in the nearby Giant Mountains.

The shoe was originally found stuck in a swamp. The Father Gnome asked the neighbour gnomes (incidentally living in a tree stump close by) to help dig it out and move the shoe to a good spot in Gnome Valley.

There, Father Gnome aired it out (that took some time…) and then turned it into a nice little house for his Gnome family. The Shoe House includes one cosy bedroom with fluffy goose down duvets in the beds and a small kitchen with a balcony upstairs. The balcony is tiny, but it's very useful to be able to open a door should the acorn pie burn in the oven in the wood-burning stove.

To have a place to eat, Father Gnome built a terrace at the very top of the shoe with a gorgeous view over the valley. The house is situated near a small spring, which provides fresh water for the Gnome family,  their rabbits, and for watering the vegetable patch in the back yard. The gnome family house is heated by the wood-burning stove in the kitchen, and the gnomes chop wood until their log store is filled to the brim.

The set is made out of almost 1500 pieces.

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