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The Gnome Stump House

The news has spread through Gnome Valley - the Gnome Shoe House is on the internet!! 
It's even been recognized on an external website: the ArchBrick Daily.

As you may recall, one of the gnome neighbors (incidentally the ones who helped with lifting the smelly old shoe out of the swamp) live next-door in a tree stump. 

This family has gotten very, *very* jealous of their new neighbors; they also want their home to be on the internet!
The familly has cleaned and renovated their Stump House for over a year (well, actually, the same day the Shoe House showed up on the internet) and now they are finally ready to show off their comfortable - and costly - home.

The Stump House is a two-story tree stump house situated in the middle of Gnome Valley. As you all knows, two stories is the normal height of a stump after a Giant has cut down the tree.

On the first floor there is a living area and a sleeping area. The living area features a comfy couch with a small coffee table and the sleeping area consists of a deluxe King size bed for the Gnome parents and a Twin size bed for their son and his beloved teddy bear. The room also has a hat shelf and an open fireplace, so they can fall asleep to the sound of crackling fire during cold winter nights.

A staircase leads up to the second floor. It houses a small kitchenette with a few pots and pans. The kitchenette area has tiled flooring with matching curtains. The dining table is also on this floor. Mother Gnome is very proud of the expensive designer table lamp, by the way. From here, the Gnomes can walk up the stairs to ...

... the luxurious terrace on the roof: the jewel of the house after the extensive refurbishment! This is where the lounge area is situated, featuring a classy lounge set and a large parasol for those really sunny days. The perfect place for entertaining family and friends, having an iced drink while firing up the barbecue.
Of course there's a matching sun bed, so the Gnomes can bask in the sun. And what better way to end your day than relaxing in the outdoor spa?

In the garden there's a vegetable patch for carrots and some flower beds, all thriving wonderfully since Mother Gnome has both green fingers and green thumbs.

Father Gnome enjoys woodworking and has a tree stump chopping block and a table saw behind the house. He has renovated the entire house using only these tools (he's very handy)! 
Being so ingenious, he has made it possible to exchange some walls according to taste. So far he has made three different walls: a contemporary bathroom wall with a sink and a mirror, a wall with wooden bookshelves, and a wall with modern art (by the looks of it, it seems Piet Mondrian was inspired by Father Gnome?).


The set includes three minifigures; Mother Gnome, Father Gnome, and their Gnome son.

This model can be divided in three parts for easy access to every floor. Just lift a floor up!

Some of the indoor walls are easily detachable and can be changed into your own design. I have included three different wall designs: bathroom, book shelves, and a wall with art. With these as inspiration, it's only your own imagination that sets the limits! 

The total number of pieces in the model are almost 2500.

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