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Sand Castle by the Sea


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Build a Sand Castle on a beach overlooking the sea with plenty of easily accessible interior space, intricate detailing inside and out for display, and lots of fun features for fostering creative play! Each level of the castle is detachable for easy human access to closed-off interior spaces, and all sections are realistically accessible to minifigures as well through various staircase, ladder, and bridge structures. With two iconic primary towers and a uniquely suspended smaller turret hanging over the center of the castle, this build brings the nostalgia of a classic LEGO castle structure with a great twist -- its sandy beach theme.

  • 4 detachable sections for easy access to each room;
  • brick-built rounded and angular staircases;
  • brick-built and classic LEGO ladders for roof access;
  • brick-built trap doors allowing access to both tower roofs while maintaining shelter over the floors beneath them;
  • predominantly open back side for ease of play and scene creation without reducing display value;
  • highly displayable front design fit into a 40x40 stud wide base, with elevated dark tan walls neatly enclosing the water and sand;
  • plenty of room inside, in front, and on top of the sand castle for posing minifigures for play or display purposes;
  • artistically layered plates of blue and transparent blue, topped with tiles, slopes and curved pieces to simulate a segment of the sea and its waves coming to shore;
  • several starfish and a crab clinging to the outer walls for an added natural element of the build.

Rooms (as seen from the back):
  • Bottom, left: a storage room, with a small crate holding a couple of bananas. Contains the spiral staircase design which leads to the second floor.
  • Bottom, center: entryway, with arches on either side. Open at the top, with only the bridge between the towers above it.
  • Bottom, right: another storage room, also used as a more secure area for sand castle inhabitants to congregate and strategize. Contains the brick-built ladder to the second level on this side. A “sunscreen application” room, perhaps?
  • Floor 2, right: a small tile-floored room, with a ladder for right roof access and a front-facing balcony overlooking the water. A small telescope is here included for observation, and several studs on the floor allow for multiple minifigures to be posed within.
  • Floor 2, left: a room for meals, with a small table and rotating chair. Connects to the opposite tower via the central bridge walkway, and provides the staircase up to the third floor. Around the inside of this room is a small balcony-type area for minifigures to move about on.
  • Floor 3, left: The highest non-roof room of the castle, this room is a bedroom containing a rather fancily colored bed and tiled flooring. A small candle is placed at the end of the bed, and a banister prevents unwitting minifigs from falling out of bed down the stairs.
  • Roof, left: accessible via a ladder above the staircase landing on the third floor, this roof section has a hinged trap door that can be opened and closed for minifigure accessibility. With an iconic castle tower top design, located on this roof are the main castle flag, a crossbow for defense, and a larger telescope for long-distance observational purposes.
  • Roof, right: this roof also can be accessed by minifigures through a hinged trapdoor and ladder, and has plenty of space for minifigs to interact and be posed. Two clips are included on the inside of the wall, holding a sword and a torch (one of many located throughout the structure). Hanging off the left side of the roof section, there is a small rounded turret with a secondary castle flag attached to it. At the top of this turret, there is a small hole in which a minifigure can be placed to keep watch over the castle.

Suggested Minifigures:
The minifigures that I’ve included in this set idea are based on what I like to call my “sigfig family," a group of characters meant to symbolize different multiversal versions of myself in LEGO form. I designed their torsos to resemble the classic 1978 Yellow Castle knight’s logo design as an homage to that era of LEGO castles, with some presented in a Futuron-esque manner with the diagonal 2-color torso and smaller logo in the top right corner. I think this style of torso resembles a sort of beach-appropriate wetsuit, which nicely fits the theme of the build. 

Technical Details:
Piece count: 2600ish (as of now, 2644 according to inventory)
Dimensions: length x width x height = 32cm x 32cm x 35cm
Weight: ~1880g (according to
Built and rendered using

Thank you for your interest! I had a fun time designing this model, and I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at it and reading this description. Please consider supporting this product idea, and feel free to leave a comment with thoughts, feedback, or suggestions if you have any. Make sure to share it around to anyone you think might be interested!

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