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Sand Castle by the Sea


Another Number - 222 Supporters!

Another neat little milestone - thanks to all the people who have been a part of helping this project reaching that number. It may be a while away from the 10 000 supporter mark, but it sure looks neat, aesthetically speaking. :)

Let's see how much farther we can get this project! Remember to share the project with people you think might also be interested in it to help the project spread and reach more people.


Just another neat rendered photo

It's dusk at the Sandcastle...


Sunset at the Sand Castle

A lightly photoshoped image of a sunset, as viewed from the entryway of the castle.


Another view of the right tower ladder, from below

This view shows more clearly how the ladder on the second floor of the right tower can be used by minifigures to climb up to the roof section through the wooden hatch. It also shows a clearer view of some of the backside of the left tower build and various archways on the second floor.


New Photo Angle - Right tower and arch designs

Back with another additional view of the model, with different minifigure posing. Two of the Sand Castle's inhabitants have climbed up to the top of the right tower, and are looking out over the sea as the evening light dims at the beginning of a sunset...


Additional Angles with Lighting

Here are some additional angles of the inside of the left tower (as seen from the back) with a better view of the balcony area surrounded by the short rampart wall going around the side and to the back of the build. You can also see more clearly the interior staircase designs for this side of the model.

Bottom floor spiral staircase, with crate of bananas in a corner:

Second floor, left tower, additional angle of the interior with a better look at the right-angled staircase to the third floor:

Second floor, left tower exterior walkway/balcony with small rampart wall to prevent unintended falls to the ground below:


Thank you to all my first 107 supporters!

Thank you all so much for helping this project reach the 100 supporter milestone in the first week! I really appreciate that you care enough about this project to have supported it, and look forward to the continuation of this journey towards 10 000 supporters.

If you would be able to fill out this short survey to help me promote the project more effectively in the future, that would be greatly appreciated:

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Playing in the Water

Two of the sand-castle residents have gone out to play in the water with a soccer ball, and as a third comes to join them they throw them the ball as some seagulls look on...

In essence, a small depiction of another fun play idea for this project! A few seagulls would certainly make a nice inclusion in the set, furthering the natural element of the scene and providing some additional play opportunities when acting out seaside scenes with the minifigures. These photos also provide a more up-close look at my water and wave designs.