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Darth Vader Hallway Scene


I had to do project for it... It's simply one of the best Darth Vader scenes ever. I'm talking about the hallway scene from the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars story!

I have always been huge Star Wars fan. I mean HUGE. (don't worry Jurassic Park you are still influenced me the most) and same time as I think Disneys plans to make a new SW movie every year is a bit overkill I feel also its awesome as soon as they keep quality and mood the same as in original trilogy. The newest addition to the story is Rogue One, and I think especially one scene from it deserves its own LEGO set. This projects is all about it and would be great play set and also display piece.

Set includes hallway, 5 rebel trooper minifigures + Death Star plans, and of course Darth Vader!

So if you're a Star Wars, Rogue One or Darth Vader fan please add your support to this project. Thanks!

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