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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord


Version 3 Megazord updates

I have been working on some zord design changes, trying to remove stickers. 

T-Rex Zord:

  • New panels on legs
  • Teeth and eye changes

Triceratops Zord:

  • Head color changes 
  • Side detail changes

Saber Tooth Tiger Zord:

  • Head colors

Mastodon Zord:

  • Rebuilt shoulders to remove stickers
  • Added ball joints to elbows

Tank Mode:


  • Added neck filler piece
  • Removed face stickers, they would be too difficult to place and just be a hassle
  • Removed chest stickers

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Design Changes and Color update

I have been putting in more time on my Megazord design, trying to update the look and remove as many stickers as possible

Here is a list of alterations i have made to the Megazord

  • Pterodactyl chest lower wings can be adjusted to give a more sleek look,
  • Forearm stickers removed, now yellow pieces
  • Hands are now black to match show
  • Thighs are now rounded to be less blocky, and gaps are more filled
  • Head now can tilt up and down, only a little bit due to transformation
  • Added colors to mastodon head, saber-tooth head, and triceratops head
  • Altered mastodon to help fill up megazord sides more so less T-Rex parts are showing

Here is the new Megazord design:

Here is the separated zords as well:

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Megazord with Silver

I am glad to see so many people like my idea. I wasn't going to originally render the megazord with silver but decided to try, I know LEGO will probably never make the design with that many silver pieces.

Here is the megazord with all silver:

I think it looks really cool with the silver, it adds a more metal look. 

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New Idea

Hey everyone, I completed the dragonzord and decided to add it as a new idea, and just keep this idea as the Megazord by itself. You can check out the MMPR Dino Megazord and Dragonzord idea if you want to see the Dragonzord design.


Quick look at Dragonzord (Incomplete)

Hey everyone i have been working on my MMPR Dragonzord, while it is not complete yet I wanted to show a quick glimpse of how it is coming along.

Here is the dragonzord design so far (The legs are not complete yet, keep having trouble with transformation, and there are no stickers.)

This is my first attempt at the Dragonzord design, It is not quite finished yet, once I complete it i will post it in another update.

I did manage to keep the piece count low so far, the Dragonzord only has about 500 pieces so far.

I hope everyone likes the design so far, I am working hard on the design and plan to have it done soon, I will probably create a new idea with the Megazord and Dragonzord in it and keep this as just the Megazord.




Leg upgrades

Hey everyone, i have been continuing with my improvements to the Megazord design. I have altered the designs of the legs by adding ball joints to the ankles. These ball joints can extend outwards and allow for increased pose variationsYou can collapse the legs to seal the gaps. The ankles can now hinge forward/backward and side to side. I also wanted to improve stability of the Megazord so it won't topple over, so i added pieces to the heels to improve balance.

Here is the Megazord with the new legs

I hope everyone enjoys my latest design update. I will continue to work on upgrading and improving the design.

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Transformation, Thanks for 300

Hey Everyone,

I thought i would show my Megazords complete transformation, starting from Zords to Megazord. These are just quick unrendered images to give a quick look at the full transformation.

Here we go:

Gather the 5 zords (not sure why it cut off some of zords) 

Bring in Sabre tooth TigerFold tail up Collapse the legs forward  Bring in TriceratopsFold up tailBring in T-RexFold up armsCollapse Legs and fold up tailAttach legs to T-RexBring in MastodonRemove Head/Shield, Fold open arms and rotate back legs to become main armsAttach to back of T-Rex, Place cannons for tank modeI am just going straight in Megazord mode, rotate arms around, and rotate up shoulder padsRotate heads up, and Sabre tooth legs to create feet.Stand up the MegazordOpen chest and rotate T-Rex head inside, then closeBring in PterodactylFold head around, and rotate wingsAttach Pterodactyl to chest, Fold Horns on Head inward, and move arms downAnd place sword and shield in hands, This is my complete transformationWith stickers this is how the complete Megazord will look

I hope everyone likes the transformation. I wanted it as accurate to the show and toys as possible.

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Thanks again, TheHAWK1209



New Face Stickers

Hey everyone

I have been spending time working on other projects for a while. I decided to come back and revisit my Megazord idea. I can't think of much I need to add to the design. I decided to add stickers to the face, to give it a more accurate look.

Here is the megazord with the new face:

I hope you like my design change, I tried to find a way to make the head without stickers, but it just wouldn't look the best, so i added about 4 sticker pieces to the face, 2 will be on the horns, and 2 will be on face front (due to face shape they had to be split)

Thanks for checking out my newest update, don't forget to support and share. 

Thanks again, TheHAWK1209


Articulation upgrade

I have been working on adding more articulation points to the Megazord idea. I finally completed the addition of elbow hinges to the design. 

It took a while to figure out how to add elbow hinges to the arms without complicating the mastodon transformation. 

The mastodon transforms the same as before.

The Megazord has articulated knees, elbows, ratcheted hips, ball jointed shoulders, and head swivel.

Piece count on my design is now about 1700

Here is the new Megazord with elbow articulation:

(Keep in mind my design is not what Lego will use, they will make their own)

I hope everyone enjoys the design. Please support and share.

Thanks, TheHAWK1209



2.0 Megazord Stickers

Here is my 2.0 version Megazord with stickers

This is how my complete megazord will look.(stickers made entirely in Microsoft Paint) 

My design is now about 1600 pieces after the redesigns.

The megazords head can rotate, which is how i made this cool pose.

I hope everyone likes this design, If you want Lego to make a MMPR Megazord please support, and don't forget to share.

Thanks everyone, TheHAWK1209


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