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Toy Store


Toy Store

This is a modular building containing an toy store on the ground floor and an apartment in the two floors. The facade has a historic look with bricks, arched and dark green windows and many colorful flower boxes. On the sidewalk there is a lantern and a tree.

In the toy store there is a large model railway, shelves with toys, a cash register and the Eiffel Tower. The Store has a patterned floor and noble blue curtains.

On the first floor there is a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom has a large bed and a small cupboard. In the stairwell is a cupboard that can be opened.. The bathroom has a toilet and a sink. There is also a shower. A chic staircase leads to the second floor.

On the second floor there is a detailed kitchen with an oven, a stove, various cabinets and a sink. There is a table with two chairs next to it. Another staircase leads to the roof of the building.

The building can be connected to the modular buildings of the Lego Expert series.

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