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Pacific Class Steam Locomotive


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Today, I bring you another train to add alongside the maintenance train I made. This train is based on the Pacific class of trains (with a few adjustments made, primarily to the wheels.) I made this train due to my love for the older-styled steam engines.

This train was designed with power functions in mind. The wheels and receiver are housed in the coal tender, and the battery box is housed in the first passenger car, though it can easily be redesigned to be another passenger car if you don't want power functions. The second passenger car is designed with four seats inside it, so that four of your mini-figures can go for a trip! Room still remains for the conductor to stand around and collect tickets or leer at the passengers (Dependent on if it's Monday or any other day of the week.)

Features include: One train engine, one coal tender, and two passenger cars. Power functions!

Minifigures included would be the driver, an engineer, and a conductor.

Thanks for looking, I hope you support!

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