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International Space Station (ISS) Re-suply Rocket


Cheap Re-supply rockets have been designed for flight but haven't been even prototyped. Most of the designs didn't have a name, such as this one, so bear with me on the naming. The launch pads wern't even built. In this model you get the rocket Inter I and a launch pad.

The rocket is 14.5 in. tall and the Launch pad (White-Room down) is around 15 in. tall, (White-room up) is around 15 in. tall.

The Inter I Rocket and launchpad has many features;

Launch Pad

  • "Basement" Elevator entry (elevator NOT Included)
  • Adjustable Ground Stabilizing Arm (mid section)
  • Adjustable Gantry/White-Room (top section)


  • Detachable Boosters
  • Detachable First-Stage
  • Detachable Second-Stage
  • Detachable Third-Stage
  • Detachable Re-supply Module
  • Detachable Command-Module

I did get the blueprints to this rocket from a confidential source, I got the idea for this rocket series from a list of never launched rockets and wanted to honor them by creating them in LEGO. There are about 400 rockets in my current list and I know that I won't get to design all of them, my attention span is not that long, but at least my favorites will get honored.

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