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Fantasy Steampunk-Ship



there never was a real LEGO steampunk set so i decided to build something "steampunky" and whats better than a steampunk ship...nothing so I build one.

I tried to make it big but not too big so no its about 50 cm long, 14 cm wide and with the stand about 30 cm high. So lets go on to the Details and functions:

  • Starting with the biggest function, under the "cabin" is a M-Motor coupeld with a battery-box. The M-motor is coupled with the "fake engine" which you can find at the end of the ship. So the big wheel othe back can rotate.But dont worry everything is rotating and spinning all day long if you start the powerfunctions.;)
  • So let´s move on to the cabin or what ever you want to call it, und the curved roof you can find the essential steering wheel which also can be turned like anyone want it to turn. At the left side (if you look to the front) there is a branch from the engine about the steering cabin.
  • So now let´s move on at the left side, from the axle is going in to some gears, from there they are going to the front.
  • and next to the axle you can see a tibe which is coming from the bottom under the bridge, its ending at on two exhausts
  • From the left axle it goes on the middle where you can see an engine which is rotating, you cvan open the little protection so you can see an axle spinning.
  • On the front you can find some two boxes in which is some charcoal
  • At the really you can find an pipe which is conected to a string.
  • Then at the rigth there extends a long barrier so no minifiguer is falling out of the ship.
  • Then infront of the mast ther is a little hatch where the passengers can put their stuff in but you also can find a really big stone which is connected with an anchor so the ship also can have a rest.
  • So now lets move on to the big mast which has details all around so on the rigth you can see a bookshelf so everyone can read their books but don´t worry they cant fall out bcs they are blocked by two bars. So now lets move on to the real mast which is stabilized by much "metal" then there these two "trees" on the left and on the rigth. Then the mast is going at the top of  30cm where are two  "trees" again. Normaly you can take sails on them but you don´t have to as you see.
  • As the last thing there is a little bed which you can take and set it down so al minifugure can sleep there.

So thats the most of my creation I hope you like it and maybe support it to make my dream come true. But if you cant imagine the functions I can recommend you my YouTube video about it here:  

                                                                                                                                                                                                          So I hope you like it;) 


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