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The Return of The Magicians !

Here is finally the rules !

The Return of the Magicians (2 to 6 players)

In this mode, there are 2 teams so it encourages the team spirit: half of the players are the magicians (who control the bosses) and the others are the heroes. The heroes will have to find the teensies (and not numbers) hidden in the game while the magicians try to eliminate them. The magicians use the dice like the heroes (the magicians don’t do 8 steps).

  • The heroes win when they have saved all the teensies.
  • The magicians win when the heroes are all in the Snoring Tree’s island in the same turn: when one hero is killed, he skips a turn. So the magicians have to kill the other(s) before the hero who has been killed goes out of the island. It is not as difficult as it seems (the magicians are helped with the bubble symbol in the dice).

2 players (2 or 3 teensies): 1 magician (who can use any boss he wants but not at the same turn), 1 hero

3 players (3 or 4 teensies): 1 magician (“), 2 heroes

4 players (4 teensies): 2 magicians (“), 2 heroes

5 players (4 teensies): 2 magicians (“), 3 heroes

6 players (4 teensies): 3 magicians (“), 3 heroes

Before the game: The magicians hide their teensies (one teensy per land) in the beginning of the game: each magician hides his teensies while the heroes close their eyes.

During your turn: You roll the dice, if it is a number, you advance your character (or your boss if you are a magician). The bosses have to stay in their respective lands and when they kill a hero, they return to their initial place! If it is the bubble, you return to the tree (except if you are a magician) and skip the next turn (it applies for all). If the hero has a heart, he spends it in order to not be affected this time. If it is the “Enigma”, the hero can ask to the magicians if there is a teensy in the box he shows. If a magician has the “Enigma”, he can tranfer a teensy in another box of the SAME land (the heroes must close their eyes) but can do only 2 times maximum in a land.

When a hero is on a yellow flower, he can open the box near it:

  • If there is nothing, he will have to find in the other boxes…
  • If it is a teensy, he puts it in the tree land and he gains a heart! The heroes can now search in another land.

I hope you like this another mode, you can propose improvements in the comments.

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