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Into Rayman's World


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               Here is the first set on Rayman Origins, a video game created by Ubisoft where Rayman and his hilarious friends save the teensies (joyous blue beings with a big nose) from Polokus’s nightmares. Rayman first appeared in 1995 and has become more and more popular.

 I made this set because the theme was original, but also because I really like games where, together, we can explore unique lands. You can help by voting for this project (blue support button). The goal is 10.000 so every vote counts! Please tell your friends about this project or share on social media. I will make other sets in this theme, but let’s look at the game itself.

               The total amount of bricks used is 730, I wanted the set to have an affordable prise. The set is composed of five lands (Desert of Dijiridoos, Jibberish Jungle, Ocean World, Gourmand Land and the Snoring tree) inspired by the game and they can be organized in your ways. Each land (except the Snoring Tree) has 4 secret boxes and a boss. You will start the game at the Snoring Tree.

               There are 2 modes (but there can be more): the Teensy Quest (3 to 4 players) and The Return of the magicians (2 to 6 players).


The Teensie Quest (3 to 4 players)

In this mode, each player will have to identify the teensy kidnapped by the magicians. They will have to know the secret code composed of four numbers (or three for 3 players) which will identify him. However, each number is hidden in a land (in one of the four secret boxes) and protected by a boss. You will have to go to each land and find the numbers before your opponents. When you have the numbers, you organize them in ascending order and you search which teensy in the list has the same code (see image n°6).

In the beginning of the game:  The players start to choose a land (not the Snoring Tree).

If you are 4 players, each player draws a number unknown by the others between “1” and “6” (each player knows one of the 4 secret numbers). Then, each player hides his number in a secret box (in his land) while the others close their eyes.

If you are 3 players, it is the same thing except that only three lands are used and that each player hides a number between “1” and “5”.

Here is an example in the image n°9. In the example, Player 1 hides the number 2 in the Jibberish Jungle, Player 2 hides the number 1 in the Desert of Dijiridoos… If you find the numbers, you organize them in ascending order and you will find “124” (Flaming Teensy) for 3 players or “1246” for 4 players (Globteen)!

During your turn: you roll the dice; if it is a number, you advance your hero, not in diagonal unless you have to (like the hero in the image n°5). If it is the mosquito, you advance the number of steps you want between 1 and 4. If it is the boss, you can play a boss of your choice and try to eliminate your opponents (you do 8 steps; at the last step, you can kill a hero if you are on him). The hero who is eliminated returns to the Snoring Tree. The bosses have to stay in their respective lands! When you are on a yellow flower, you can open the box near it:

  • If there is nothing, you will have to find in the other secret boxes of the land…
  • If there is a number, you write it down (the others mustn’t see it!) and you hide the number in another box of the SAME land (while the others close their eyes). You gain a heart (an extra life!). You can now search in another land.

You can modify these rules if you want and you can even create new modes (like a race against the clock where the lands are lined up to make a course, with a finish line).

I will soon post the rules of The Return of the magicians.

I hope you like the set, the design and the rules. Thanks for all the supporters who share the project to their friends and for all the supporters who have voted and will vote. If you have questions or pieces of advice, I will be glad to see them in the comments. 

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