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Seasonal Decoration Lego Set


Since Holloween and Christmas are just around the corner, I thought I would create a few Holiday items for displaying and practical use for the whole family to enjoy. This Lego Set will contain a total of 16 products of varies designs and usage, the kit will be called, "Seasonal Decoration Set".


Kit Items / Brick count

Napkin Holder (s)

- (count: 121) - (1x) Jak O lantern

- (count: 43) - (1x) Spiders / Web

- (count: 67) - (1x) Haunted Mansion / Moon

Napkin Rings

- (count: 19) - (4x) Spider

- (count: 21) - (4x) Christmas hat

Cookies and Milk with a red Plate for Santa Clause, "Don't chip a tooth dad.."...

- (count: 239)


I think that this will make a wonderful and fun set for the Holidays and I hope that someday everyone can enjoy these items in the please show your support and smash that SUPPORT Button.

Thank you.


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