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Chairlift - Ski Resort


Here we are with the chairlift!
This model should represent, in a small place, a diorama of a ski resort. We can find the ticket office (built with typical mountain materials like wood and rock) and the departure station of the chairlift. After a swift ride, we reach the top of the mountain! We safely arrive thanks to the employee helping us get out of our chair. Now we can chill and sunbathe on a deckchair, or we can start to ski! The easy track allows us to reach the valley in a few seconds, so what do you wait for?
Also, watch the video on Youtube to see how it's work!
This idea was born after the union of different passions: mountain, ropeways, and skiing. After much exposition of my other chairlift, I accepted the challenge and submitted my idea.
I hope this MOC will become a proper set one day because, unfortunately, we have seen very few Lego sets concerning ropeways. So now it’s your turn if you want a chairlift in your city!
Thanks for all, and don’t forget to vote and share with your friends!

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