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Modular alpine house


The Story:

Welcome to the cozy modular alpine house! This small but super comfortable building was made by some genius in the mountains.  Outside conditions don’t matter, since it’s 100% adaptable and can change its structure depending on different necessities. It’s also equipped with a snowmobile, which allows the family to move easily to the nearest town. The family who lives here mix tradition with modernity, and they are three: mum, daddy and their daughter (although there’s always a wild bear around). Are you ready to survive in the mountains?


The small alpine house has many different characteristics:

  • The main and most important feature is that you can change the house’s distribution whenever you want and without having to rebuild the set (that’s what MODULAR means). There is a wall that can be taken out and the room can be moved from the rooftop to the side of the building (there’s also a secondary roof to cover the hole😉)
  • It contains all the needed furniture so that anyone who stays there feels comfortable.
  • A snowmobile for two passengers that enable the family to move around.
  • A folding table in the “courtyard”, just in case there’s a sunny day.

Minifigures included:

It would include a small family which would consist of three people: two adults and their daughter. It would also have a Lego bear so that it adds playability to the set itself.


Apart from that, the design follows a traditional way of building and the bricks try to simulate wooden walls.

I love building Lego and playing with it and I’ve always wanted a modular winter set like this one, so I thought it would be a great idea to create my own design. Nonetheless, I'm open to modifying it based on your opinions and on Lego's judgment.

I hope you like the design in which I have put a lot of effort. If you like it and want it to become a real Lego set don’t hesitate to vote it. Thank you for your support in advance

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