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Flying Insects – Insectum Lego


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Dear Ideas community
Infinite forms
Fascinated by the infinite colors and forms of insects, I build a selection of Lego flying insects. Following characteristics of the project were important for me: 
  • Using different building techniques and a variety of parts
  • Choosing a scale that makes it challenging, but just possible to build insects with references to their originals (not overly big insects).
  • Putting the theme into the right "frame" to have an appealing and practical way of presentation. 
  • Meanwhile the frame is also a reference to insect research and spirit of discovery – adding a "legoish" fantasy element by the firefly that is just about to leave the frame. 
  • The project should also be an attractive piece of decoration in every home. You can use it with a stand and place it in a showcase or on your favorite piece of furniture, while it is also possible to hang it like a real insect frame on the wall.
Build species (left to right, top to bottom):
Calopteryx virgo / Archerontia atropos / Haemotopota pluvialis
Apis mellifera / Pimpla rufipes
Lucilia sericata / Somatochlora metallica
Drosophila virilis
Chorthippus brunneus / Bibio marci / Urocerus gigas
About myself
Born in the 80's, playing Lego was my favorite thing to do as a kid. With buying the first small Lego sets for my 4-year-old son last year, I also rediscovered Lego for myself. The sensation of infinite combinations and thousands of different parts, the clicking feeling when piecing them together and the sound of them when poured out on a table – kind of traveling back in time. 
I am very excited to have now my first project online and it would be great to have your support!
Best regards

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