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Flying Insects – Insectum Lego


Thanks a lot

Dear Ideas Community

Thanks a lot for the support and all the great comments I got from you! Unfortunately, its a restricted IP since an Insect Idea was approved. I‘ve been working on another project, however I haven‘t read through the restricted list carefully enough… so Lego did not approve it as a Project - pretty frustrating. It will take some time but I will start with another project soon 👍. Thanks a lot again and kind regards


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Dear Ideas community

Thanks a lot for all the support I got in the last days! Please keep voting and commenting for the project if you like it and do not hesitate to bring in your ideas to improve the project.



New pictures added

Dear all,
I have added some more pictures and also some single shots of the insects 🦟.
I have also changed the - faaaar tooo looong - title 😉
Thanks a lot fo sharing an supporting the project!


Thanks a lot for your support!

Following a shot from Urocerus gigas just before taking off :-)

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