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Monster Box: The Swamp


Thank you so much for your support! 1K 🥳

When I first started designing spooky builds, I didn't expect much. But seeing your support and reading your comments really warmed my heart. I knew it wouldn't be as popular as the classic themes, but here we are, hitting the 1K milestone!

But let's not forget the staff pick, which really increased the visibility of my little horror picture show! I would like to warmly thank the Lego Ideas mods for this.

It t gave me a lot of support for all my projects and I bet the Halloween season has something to do with this popularity too!

So I was wondering: how can I thank you all? Since Halloween is coming, I though it would be cool to give you a treat! And so, I decided to do a special monster face, just for you, just to say thank you!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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