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Monster Box: The Swamp


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Do not open this box lightly!

Strange glows are coming from the swamp's depths. Something is lurking in the muddy waters. But the old man is not the fearful type. And he is still bold enough to wear his old diving suit and investigate. 

Watch out! The swamp has sharp teeth...

About the build

  • The set includes two minifigures: the old man and the swamp creature.
  • It has a total of 480 parts (without the minifigures).
  • When the box is closed, everything is tidy and secure, so you can move easily this set and play everywhere.
  • When the box is fully opened, it turns into a two level play set : the old shack above and the swamp below.
  • Despite its small size, I tried to put as much detail as possible. You have all the necessary equipment for fishing and scuba diving…

I hope you'll like it!

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