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Avelia Liberty

The Avelia Liberty is a new high-speed electric train that will be commissioned in the United States this year. The Liberty model in the Avelia series will work in Amtrak’s fleet in passenger transport. The train was designed and manufactured by Alstom.
The unique design of the lego model was a big challenge, especially when designing the front of the locomotive. The model consists of 2 locomotives and 4 wagons, the wagons are connected on a 2-axle section, just like the original train. The model is also motorized, but can be marketed without motors. The set also includes minifigures, two of which are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair minifigures fit into the wagons along with the chair, just as the original train has a separate section for them. Car 4 is a dining and bar cart that also has a drink shelf.
The staff consists of two drivers and two guides.

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