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Transperth Train (B Series EMU)

G'day worldwide,
I thought I might submit my own creation that is called the Transperth B-series Electric Multiple Unit train. The real train provides metropolitan passenger services in my home city of Perth, Western Australia, home of the cute Quokka.

This model is 152 studs long by 6-8 studs wide and 12 bricks high. 2337 total number of pieces

From many years from making and designing LEGO models, I've learned something, “LEGO is not curve friendly”. I enjoy building LEGO trains, but the official LEGO trains do focus on the countries that are European & are rectangular. So I started the first challenge, making my train walls curved, same as the real train which is a non-traditional LEGO train design. The design after the curved walls fell into place, then came the front driver's cabin. I’d like to say that the driver’s cabin design is the most rewarding part of my train after an exhausting brainstorm of ideas to resolve it, plus getting to move around standard LEGO rail track was tricky too. This train is my 3rd variant design on LEGO. I placed images on social media and received positive feedback.

Also, I've done some overhead wiring systems, with wires, signals, crossings etc.

I hope you'll like it.

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