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Playable Soccer Table


updated the changes for a better game play.

Hello to all lego fans of all ages. 

What you see today and an update to make it even easier to play baby lego in this update I've added swivel trap doors to make it easier to get the ball in the cage and I've also added sloping corners to prevent the ball from getting stuck if you have any other ideas to make it perfect I'll be happy to hear about it.

We have almost 500 supporters and for all those who love my playable table soccer and who have already given their support I say 500 thank you but I think we can go even further, maybe up to the 10 k necessary but without your help I can not do it alone so we must vote, share and comment around you so that this project becomes a reality and I think we can do it good day to all.

Mister creator.


Playable Soccer Table


I present you with an update of my lego ideas project following some comments I found relevant or there was something to modify. 
the things I modified two years ago 
the first one and the corners which was flat so the ball can stay stuck so I put a slope in the corner so that the ball doesn't get stuck.

the second one and a trapdoor behind the cage to get the ball back otherwise the Soccer table remains the same hoping you like the modifications so my project for those who don't know it and a fully functional playable table soccer.

The most difficult part was to make solid bars to hold the players according to the method I used and cross-shaped bars as shown on the pictures.

This idea came to me because it's a set that we've never seen in LEGO, so I thought why not build it. 

This construction includes everything that makes a real foosball table: the bars to turn to hit the ball, the points to score, the cage and everything else.

I think it would be a great LEGO product for the little ones who build it and for the whole family who can play with it whenever they want.
My LEGO set would be timeless and could be played with at any time.

If this makes you want to, feel free to support me and share it with others.

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