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New Exam Chair and Going to DC

I redesigned the exam chair for the optometry set while working on another project.  This new design allows for seat rotation and recline functions, just like the real exam chairs. 


I was contacted by the Association of Schools of and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) asking if they could display the Lego Optometry Office model at their booth at the annual American Optometric Association (AOA) 2017 Optometry's Meeting!  Unfortunately, I will not be attending personally, but stop by their booth and check out the model in person and spread the word.  We need more people to register and "Support" this project to make it a reality!

Also, keep an eye out for two new healthcare related projects I have been working on!


Happy New Year and Happy Project Update!

I was waiting for 1,000 supporters to add an update with a lot of new details for the Optometry Office set, but I got “scooped” by a reporter (article here) and a comment in the comment section!

Based again on responses from the comments posted here, and in real life, I’ve added some tools that I use as an optometrist every day.  First, I added a model retinoscope and holder to go along with the ophthalmoscope from the initial model (I also added the mirrored finish to the model mirror next to the sink).

Next, I have added a set of trial lenses to the drawer on the desk.  You can see I’ve included clear lenses, red/green lenses, an occluder lens, and 2 prisms.

Close up of the trial lens set.

Here is a close up of the other tools.

Condensing Lens – Occluder – Retinoscope – Ophthalmoscope - BIO


Introducing the Optical Wall addition!

This is the most commonly requested addition to the Lego Optometry Office set.  My daughter, who was extremely excited to receive this set for Christmas, and I worked together to get all the details hammered out. 

The wall has glasses from the Lego Friends line (thanks for the idea DrSaari), the sign to identify the optical section of the office, and a full length mirror decal to admire the new fashions.  My daughter likes the addition of more color to the whole scheme, and she chose the layout of the frame board.  She also vetoed my choice of yellow bulbs in the light fixtures in exchange for the clear bulbs.

Hockey kid from our Lego Advent Calendar needed glasses!

Selecting her next pair of eyewear.

Finally, a picture of the full, updated set.

Get the word out, get more people to register and click Support on this project to make it a reality!  Thank you for all of the support and interest in my set up to this point.


Merry Christmas!

One week into this project and it’s great to have 900 supporters and almost 30,000 views!

My daughter opened up this set for Christmas this morning and was thrilled to have her own optometry office.

Thank you again for all of your support and votes, let’s keep getting the word out and getting people to register to vote with Lego.

PS – I was interviewed by an online optometry magazine about this model: Optometrist Builds Pride in Profession with LEGO Playset


Thank You!

What an amazing feeling to wake up to 450 supporters and over 11,000 views in one day!

To answer a common question in the comments that I didn't fully flesh out (I am not social media savvy, so bear with me):

A picture of my Lego Optometry Office was posted to a Facebook group, ODs on Facebook last Friday.  This is a very active, optometrist only Facebook group.  After receiving 1200 "likes" on the picture by Saturday night, and receiving a lot of encouragement from family and colleagues I posted the design here Sunday morning. 

Also, as I alluded to in the original description, optometrists (as well as our opticians, technicians, and staff) are very proud of their profession (I can't tell you how many eye or eye chart related ties I wear to work).  It's pretty common in our office to see women's scarves, men's dress shirts, ties, bow ties, jewelry, sticky notes etc. with eye related prints, shapes and themes. 

Another mention, in the current comments, is the popularity of the "Barbie Careers Eye Doctor Doll and Playset."  To be commercialistic for a moment, Mattel made a good product that tapped into this love of eyes.  I think my Lego Optometry Office set resonates well with those in the eye professions, just as Eye Doctor Barbie did.  The doctor minifigure in my model was meant to be a model of myself, but it could easily be a doctor of either gender.

The last reason I feel this project resonates so well is the somewhat accurate nature of the model.  For anyone who has been in an eye office the layout should feel familiar.  While this is a true replica of the exam rooms in our office, the elements found in this set are found in eye doctors’ offices around the country, and around the world.

As time permits over the next few days/weeks, I will work with my daughter to design an optional optical wall for the unused space in the front right section of the model.

Thank you again for all of your support, and let’s get more of the "Views" converted to "Supports" to make this set a reality!