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Bank of Georgia Headquarters

Architectural Marvel: Bank of Georgia Headquarters

This iconic building, currently serving as a Bank of Georgia Headquarters, was built in 1975. It consists of a monumental grid of interlocking concrete forms. There are three towers of different heights: A 17-story tower, a 13-story tower, and a 7-story tower. 5 horizontal parts, with two stories each, connect the towers, serving as bridges between them.

The building occupies a minimal area on the land, thus giving the space below the building back to nature and showing eco-awareness.

The cube was built in 2011 and serves as an entrance for the guests and visitors of the bank. There are two escalators underneath it, which descend under the ground, where the lobby and reception are situated.

Video of the building recorded by me:

The Lego Set:
I spent five years working in this building and have always wanted to recreate it with Lego bricks. The towers have the same number of stories as the real ones, and I did my best to maintain the relative size of the connecting bridges. The windows are offset by half stud using jumper plates and the larger windows have a tile around them just like the real building. The set also includes greenery on the hills and rocks around it, as well as on the building itself.

There are many buildings and cities featured in Lego sets already, but none from Tbilisi, so this will be a great way to expose Tbilisi and one of its most prominent buildings. In 2025, it will be 50 years since this building was finished, and it will be symbolic to celebrate the anniversary with a dedicated Lego set.

Thank you very much, and please support and share this project if you like it!

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