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The Polar Express


Goodbye and Thank you

Unfortunately this project did not reach the goal of 10,000 Supporters, but I want to thank everyone who commented and did give their support. It was a blast to build along with rendering this model and the amount of people who liked it, made the completion of the set all the better. Seeing the train blossom into what it has become and the appreciation that came with it was something special to me. In the future I will give this project another go, but with updated looks. Till then, just remember to never stop believing.

- M7rock



The First Gift of Christmas!

I am proud to present the next photo. I was saving this one for awhile so I could upload it on this day. Another announcement I wish to make is that the bell you see below will now be included with the train. The hope is to include something special that will separate this set from the rest of the other Polar Express sets. I hope all of you have a great Holiday Season and a Happy New Years.


New Coach Design and Engine Update

After viewing the polar express this holiday season, I noticed that I designed the coaches wrong.So I present the new more movie accurate design and a small update on the engine. Enjoy everyone and if I cant finish rendering the next image before Christmas eve, then Happy Holidays!


Hot Hot!!!

As promised, I present the next photo for The Polar Express, inspired by the original artwork, with the song Hot chocolate! I apologize for the lighting, more updates are coming along with more pictures. Until next then, enjoy everyone.



To help everyone get in the Holiday spirit, I am posting some links to The Polar Express music on Youtube. I hope you all enjoy melodies and I look forward to having the pictures, plus a few new designs posted soon.

Image result for polar express believe







All music and the picture are owned by their respected companies.


500 mark

Thank you all so much, for supporting and commenting on the project. There is still a ways to go but I think it is reachable. I also wish to apologize for the delay in getting out more of the scene photos. I am working on them and they should be finished soon.


new coach design

As part of my wave of new designs and projects, I wish to present the new coach design. I have made the coach longer and redesigned the trucks. I am experimenting with the locomotives coupling rods at the moment too, plus a new scene.



Almost done!

I am happy to announce that my newest set is almost done and will be ready to be submitted soon. Also the sets I have previously mentioned are still in the works, but I hope to have those done shortly too, along with the next surprise for this project!


All Aboard!

This is the first of the many surprises I plan to release. This one was for the 300 supporter mark and I am currently in the works on another surprise for the 400 supporter mark. If you recognize the picture, you will see that it is model after the original artwork from the book "The Polar Express" written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg. Thank you all for your comments and supporting this project, and I hope to increase that number and keep on moving towards that 10,000 mark. Till the next surprise enjoy and brick on!


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