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Santorini, Greece

“Santorini is a volcanic island located in Greece. It is known for its famous views, beautiful sunsets and strange boxy white houses with round blue roofs.”

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I didn't upload for a while. Finals recently happened, and I had to study a lot. Now that I'm down, I hope to make many more projects! 

For this project, I wanted to focus on color. I've seen these houses many times and wanted to make them contrast with the green vines and pink flowers. The set has 2945 pieces and was made on

The Build:
  • On the outside of the build, I wanted to make it have a large marketplace. Over there they sell kabobs, fruits and flowers. I also made a large fountain in that plaza. The foods are sold in multiple stands and some wagons. 
  • On the far left of the build, there is a bell tower on a hill. I made the bell tower much smaller than the other structures to have a difference of size. 
  • In the main structure, there is a windmill that actually turns and under it has a dining table and a kitchen. Connected to it is a similar structure without the windmill and has a bedroom.
  • Around the build, I tried to make a beach effect. This is something new, and tell me if you like it or not!

Thank you and I appreciate the support.

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