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History of Apple


History of Apple

Either you are an Apple customer or not, we cannot deny that this company had an incredible role in the progress of personal computers and consumer electronics. IMacs, iPods, iPhones and iPads, as well as software (iOS) and online services (Apple store, iTunes), became part of our daily life, setting important milestones in the world of technology. All these products combined with iconic design, made Apple the world’s largest information technology company by revenue.

This Lego Ideas set represent and celebrate Apple. The set counts around 1170 bricks, it will need a few stickers for the logos and it’s made of three parts:

Iconic personal computers: Macintosh 128k (1984), iMac G3 (1998), iMac Unibody (2009).

Revolutionary consumer electronics: iPod (2001, the set represent an iPod shuffle 2010), iPhone (2007), iPad (2010).

Key moments in Apple’s history: Wozniak and Jobs founded Apple and worked on Apple I in Jobs’ garage (1976), Steve Jobs presented to the world the first iPhone (2007).

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