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River Cruise


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River Cruise

Welcome to River Cruise! Our cordial staff will escort you in a comfortable journey, suited for families, couples and single travelers. Get a ticket on the riverside, follow the staff on the jetty and enjoy our boat. On board you will find all the safety equipment, you can drink a good coffee in our covered area and enjoy the breeze in the stern or in the upper deck.



Amerigo: the captain with over 30 years of experience with River Cruise.

Ferdinando: an experienced boatswain.

Mary: a beautiful and professional ticket officer.

Gunnar: a local fisherman, the only one who knows the secrets of the riverside’s sewer, once used by pirates and smugglers.

Marco: a loving father that brings the son on his first boat ride.

Cristoforo: the cheerful son of Marco.

Davide and Olivia: a newly married couple enjoying their honeymoon.


Projects details

The inspiration for the River Cruise came from watching the Bumboats on the river in Singapore. The sets is rich of details and is fully playable. It is suited for adults as well as kids, which will bring a lot of fun with new marine adventures. River Cruise counts approximately 1800 bricks: 850 for the boat, 950 for the riverside and 8 minifigures.

Boat: entrance from the bow, where we can find two compartments with two lifebuoy and one rope. On the inside there are: driving panel, comfortable seats, bar area with coffee machine, one rescue can, one toolbox and four life jackets. On the back we can find a bigger compartment with oxygen bottles, a broom and a bucket for cleaning, a long bench and stairs for the upper deck.

Minifigures’ objects: fishing rod for Gunnar, camera for Davide and bag for Olivia.

Riverside: consisting three connectable modules and two red buoy. The ticket office module has a jetty with a seagull and a yellow office building with openable roof; on the inside there are desk, drawers, computer, hand phone, coffee cup and gap to interact with the customers. The central module has a bench, a bin, a lamp and stairs to access the upper part. The corner module has two water discharge and a manhole, hidden under a big box, to access the sewer. The back of the corner module is openable. The sewer run through all the three modules, with a bigger space inside the corner module. In the sewer there are a barrel, a box, a rat, different levels of canals and ladders and wooden boards, to move through the different areas.


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