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Greek Temple of Poseidon


This is an ancient Greek Temple of the Greek god of the ocean: Poseidon! (or Neptune if you're Roman)

It is designed under the Ionic order, and it is made to represent a mix of the ancient world view of temples and the modern day view of temples: what a temple would look like if it were perserved as well as possible.  As such, it is no longer painted and looks perhaps a bit old in some spots, but is otherwise intact!  (and because I think temples look much more elegant and impressive with their white marble look!)

It follows (more or less!) a tradition megaron floor plan that ancient Greek temples were designed from:

The interior (or the cella) is lined with columns, leading up to the statue of the god of the sea himself, with a set of clerestory windows allowing just enough light in to give the interior a mystical feeling.

The rear of the temple (or the opisthodomos) contains the treasures of the city where the temple was built, guarded by a gate.

The pediment above the front and back facades of the temple contain statues and decorations that celebrate and pertain to the Greek gods.

The temple is hinged in the middle, allowing it to open up like a doll house for better access into the interior, and for a better view of the statue of Poseidon!

Thank you very much for looking!

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