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The Olympic Games

This would be a whole new theme based around the Olympic Games! The only sports I have pictures of right now are gymnastics, soccer, tennis, and volleyball, but there would be more included in the theme.

Update: Track- Go here to see the track
Winners' Podium- Scroll down to the bottom of the page
New Gymnastics pic with stands

At the top is a picture of gymnastics with the parallel bars, uneven bars, a beam, and rings. These are just ideas for the gymnastics part, and I think they might need to make a new part for the rings. Above is a picture of my idea for a soccer field. I think the lines for the field could be printed onto the base plate. I couldn’t make the goals so I drew my idea for them below.

This is an orthographic sketch of the soccer goal. The sides would be the part “Slanting Standard” (4476). The net would attach by going over the studs on the tops of the Slanting Standards and then having a 2x10 plate go on top of the net, securing it to the Slanting Standards. The other end of the net would go on top of a 1x6 plate that would be in between the bottoms of the Slanting Standards. Another 1x6 plate would go on top of that, securing the net down. It would be good if LEGO made a wider net, because with the 10x10 net they have now, the goal isn't proportional to a real soccer goal. The diagram isn’t perfectly accurate at the top of the slanting standards because I drew them having only one stud. Unfortunately the bottom is cut off a little, too.

Below are pictures of volleyball and tennis. The nets could be better- these are just ideas. For the tennis ball, there might need to be a new part. The volleyball ball would just a small adjustment from the basketball/soccer ball.

This is the winners' podium and minifigure shirt for the gold medal winner. Now that Series 7 Minifigures are out, I think that the swimmer's medal would be best.

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