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Who doesn't like choo-choos?

Those humongous metal snakes rushing through the land causing thunders and earthquakes always give me a bunch of goosebumps.

Well, even though we don't see the real 'choo-choo' trains that easily these days, descendants of Thomas are still around us enriching the entire human civilization.


To honor their service and contribution toward us, I have decided to make some tiny models of trains and stations.

There are three distinct train sets that I have brought to you here, and they are:

  • White midsize train station with a commuter train and an inter-city express    (594 pieces)
  • Medium Blue-White commuter stop with double deckers                                 (660 pieces)
  • Black bullet train stop with two bullet trains                                                      (1429 pieces)

All trains and tracks are 1-stud wide.


If you like these microscale train models, please support this project!


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