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Modular Train Station


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Add your favourite locomotive to your Lego modular street with a train station! To fit in with the early twentieth century look of other buildings in the series, this model takes inspiration from nineteenth century stations in Europe. These structures were cathedrals to industry, marrying classical stonework and statuary with technological innovations like all-glass roofs. Many of these stations are still in use and have been renovated over the decades, bringing in advances like electric lights and RFID cards.


  • The platform at the back lets you lay track in the same direction as your street, so that your diorama can fit in a compact space. The platform height is sized for standard Lego trains.
  • There is equal detail on front and back, which is unusual for modular buildings.
  • The roof and upper back wall detach, exposing the vaulted interior for play.
  • The focal point inside is the ornate clock and timetable, which features replaceable letters so that you can set your own destinations.
  • The interior features a ticketing office, ticket vending machine, newspaper box, snack bar, public toilets, and turnstiles leading to the platform.
  • The exterior features statuary, decorative moulding and brickwork, and arched glass windows. There is a bicycle rack for couriers in the front, along with public noticeboards.
  • A snack bar opens onto the interior and the station platform, because captive customers are profitable customers!

Suggested Figures:

  • Ticket vendor, snack seller, businesswoman commuter, bicycle courier.


  • Size: 10” W x 10” D x 12” H / 25.5cm W x 25.5cm D x 30cm H
  • Approximately 3000 bricks


  • The illuminated noticeboards on the front are intended to have decals of postings and handbills, and the yellow sign on the back is intended to bear a railway logo suitable for the local region. I intend to add these myself when I can figure out a good home technique.

More photos are available on flickr.

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