Product Idea

Modular Train Station

Photos with decals!


My goodness, we're so near the end, I'm excited! I've taken a few of the previous shots and overlaid the decal designs to give an idea of what the finished product should look like. All of the new photos with decals are available on flickr, or you can click on the photos below to see larger versions. Thanks again everyone for your tremendous support!

Over 9000!


Wow, support has really picked up steam over the holiday season, and now we're back on the "Popular this week" page. Thank-you everyone for your help in spreading the word and bringing this set a step closer to reality!



I've been playing about with some decal designs to add finishing touches! I'm not exactly sure how to print good decals myself, though, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be ever so grateful. I've put together a page that shows exactly how the decals would be laid out, but here are a couple of glimpses:

The mugshot may be recognizable enough that it wouldn't be appropriate for the final set, but I can always replace it with a lost cat or something. I'll probably stick with this handsome fellow for my home model, though! ;)

A few changes...


Wow, it's only the second week and the counter's about to crack 2000! Actually, I'm playing Party Like It's 1999 right now. ;)

I've taken some new pictures at the request of a few commenters. First, a train pulling up to the rear platform:

Here are some closeups of the minifigs I used. I imagine these could be refined even further if I could print my own decals:

And last of all, I fixed the misspelling of "Koeln" on the timetable, which meant retaking a couple of pictures. I don't know how to replace the existing photos on the main page, but all of the latest pictures are up on my flickr site too, in higher resolution.

Thanks again everyone for your amazing support and suggestions!

What a week!


What an amazing first week it's been, with 777 supporters! Thank-you so much, everyone, for your help and for all of the helpful suggestions and encouragement. I'm a real newbie to the Lego fan community, and I'm blown away by how friendly and welcoming everyone has been.

I've got a few suggestions to work on, which I'll start on soon, and in the meantime I'll do what I can to promote the model and keep building momentum. If there is anything you can do to help, like suggesting how I might promote more effectively, or even spreading the word yourself on social media, I'd really appreciate it. I keep looking at that 10,000 number and it's really intimidating. :)

BTW, some folks might notice that I've changed my name here from Glyn to LegoWolf. That's because I've found Glyn is often taken on other Lego fansites, and so I'm trying to settle on one name everywhere to be less confusing.

Thanks again for your support, and Brick On, everyone!