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Aircraft Cabin


Do you miss the time of flying? Every flight has a different meaning and story. Passengers get on a plane to travel to a distant destination, some to visit relatives they haven't seen in a long time, some to travel to create an unforgettable memory, and some to work away from home. We all start this trip with different emotions.

As we sat in a small space and flew 30,000 feet into the sky, we looked out over the sea of clouds. We would like to thank the professional crew and the comfortable design of the cabin for allowing us to have a great flight and arrive safely at our destination to continue our journey.

It's a luxury to have these opportunities now, knowing that many crew members have temporarily lost a beloved job. I miss flying, so I've created this cabin scene as a tribute to the professional crew members. I hope to see you all again in the near future at 30,000 feet.

Features :
。Include Bussiness Class, Economy Class, and lavatory.
。Overhead bin, emergency exit door, and cabin door can be open.
。1432 pcs.

Thank you for your watching and I hope you will like this Lego Aircraft Cabin.

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