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Varso Tower

This LEGO idea is inspired by an existing record-breaking building from Europe. The project represents a brand-new skyscraper from Poland – Varso Tower.
It is the final show-piece of a mixed-use development with offices, a hotel, an innovation hub, and retail that transformed a previously overlooked urban quarter in the very heart of the city. Upon turning it into the new symbol of Warsaw worthy of the 21st century, locals and tourists alike can now enjoy unique skyline views here.
The 53-storey tower stands at a height of 230 metres to the roof and 310 metres with the spire, making it the tallest building in the European Union by architectural height. The building makes an important contribution to the city with its spectacular observation decks at the top. Open to the public, they allow its visitors to see the beauty, history, and the prosperity of Polish capital.
Located in central Warsaw, the original building was designed by architects from renowned studio Foster + Partners who delivered one of the most sustainable towers in the country.
Varso Tower has been equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to reduce carbon footprint, consumption of electricity and as well as air pollution. Its design and quality were recognised by several independent auditors, who research the impact of buildings on the natural environment as well as people’s health. A key part of the project is greenery. As distinguished by the LEGO Idea concept, several dozen trees have also been planted inside, in front of and on top of the actual building.
This record-breaking tower perfectly embodies Poland's achievements and the ambition of its people, its business community, and its economy, ever striving to reach greater heights.

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