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Only 8 hours left

Well it looks like we are not going to make it in time. My thanks to each and everyone who voted and helped to make it this far, I really appreciate it!
Keep building and supporting, and maybe better luck next time :)



Final boost?

My thanks to each and everyone who has voted already!!

I am trying to give the model a final boost to get those 2100 votes to reach the finish line but time is short, but I will do my best :D


5k deadline reached!

My thanks to all those voters who helped to get this model passed the 5 k deadline!!


Real life build finished

Another model finished in real life. Had to use slightly different colors here and there but the overall looks very close to the digital design. Finished building it at 1 am on the 5th of May and brought it along to the Lego show in Gorinchem the next day.


1000 voters deadline!

Thank you all very much for so many nice comments and votes in such a short time! Awesome!

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