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Welcome to the Mining Site !

I wanted to add another industrial project to my Chemical Plant. In my country (the Netherlands) we used to have coal mines in the south. Nowadays in that area, there is a huge amount of chemical industry. Since I already had a model of that, I thought it fitting to make a mining model as well. I hope you will enjoy it :)

The model is made with about 2600 bricks and uses 2 baseplates of 32 studs. The "tower" is about 45 cm high.

The roof of the engine shed can be lifted to get access to the interior. Inside is a steam engine that powers the winch. The winch is connected to the pit head with ropes where it lowers and raises the elevator.
Outside are small tracks on which some mining carts are waiting to be filled with supplies to go below ground (would prefer those new rail parts ,6185390 and 6185380, but LDD does not have them).
In the "tower" is the elevator shaft. I added  half an elevator so it looks as if one is coming up right now. The structure is open at the centre so the ropes can go through to the elevator and all the way outside to the engine shed.
The model comes with 3 minifigures. All males (my apologies ladies) because I think mining is man's world. Correct me if I am wrong :)
While searching the net for pictures of mining sites I came across a model by Faller (H0 B945). I thought it would be interesting to build it with Lego and so this model was born.


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Thank you for visiting :)

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