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MMPR Dino Megazord and Dragonzord


New design for Megazord and color changes

I have been putting in more time on my Megazord design, trying to update the look and remove as many stickers as possible

Here is a list of alterations i have made to the Megazord

  • Pterodactyl chest lower wings can be adjusted to give a more sleek look,
  • Forearm stickers removed, now yellow pieces
  • Hands are now black to match show
  • Thighs are now rounded to be less blocky, and gaps are more filled
  • Head now can tilt up and down, only a little bit due to transformation
  • Added colors to mastodon head, saber-tooth head, and triceratops head
  • Altered mastodon to help fill up megazord sides more so less T-Rex parts are showing

Here is the new Megazord design:

Here is the separated zords as well:

I hope you like my design update, Please don't forget to support and share.


First Milestone, Thanks for 100

Hey everyone I just wanted to say thanks for helping this idea reach 100 supports and get the first extension

I am working on the Dragonzord design, continuing to refine and improve it. 

I hope you all enjoy the idea, if you want LEGO to make an MMPR Megazord and Dragonzord, don't forget to support and share

Thanks again,





I realized that I forgot to show the Dragonzord battle mode

Here it is:

The design is not quite finished yet, i plan to rebuild the feet to match the stickers, and the chest is a bit difficult but i am working hard on improving the design.

I hope you like the idea and the design so far, don't forget to support and share, and follow for future updates




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