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A Magical Theater - A Real Grand Illusion Show -


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Introducing a theater where you can perform a real magic show!

Imagine, as you show your LEGO collection to your friends, you tell them to look through the window of this theater. They see Minifigures performing real Grand Illusions, and are mesmerized by the magical show. That is what you can do with this magical theater that is equipped with various secret magical gimmicks.

The Magic
This set uses some ancient secrets of the magical world that I learnt while I was a professional magician in Convent Garden, London. It also includes some new gimmicks that I created too. With minimal practice, anyone can make a magician and an animal appear, perform a quick-change, and make them vanish. With some more practice and imagination, one can perform many more tricks like transportation, reveals, and mind-reading tricks. More detail of possible routines and demonstrations will follow.

The Building
The building has three floors. The first two floors consist of the theater with a balcony. The stage can be accessed from the side and when the changing room is removed, can be accessed from the top too. This stage has a few gimmicks hidden in the build, which make some magical illusions possible. The top floor consists of the changing room at the back, and the living quarters in the front, where the magician's family live. It can be part of a Modular city, and the stage will still be accessible when attached to other buildings.

Minifigures and accessories
The set comes with three magicians (Rick, Loch & Abby Superb), three spectators, Four actors in medieval costumes for those who want to perform a play on stage, and two statues. Other than this, the set includes gimmicked boxes and accessories for the magic show and a full interior.

The Story
The magician's name is Rick Superb, and his dream is to perform to the whole world, and therefore wants his theater to be built in every Lego City in the world. That way, Rick and his family can perform to Boys, Girls, Dads, Moms, Celebrities, Royals, Olympians, and every Fan Of LEGO in the world. So please help Rick and his family become the world's most acclaimed Lego Magicians!

Who is this set for?
Within those who are already Lego Fans:
I believe those who like Modular buildings will like to add this build to their modular city.
Those who like sharing their love for Lego will have a great show to entertain people with. This will be a great way to entertain guests of various ages. Children will also have a great time performing to their family and friends.
Those who like story-telling, will also be able to enjoy the story of Rick and his family trying to run a theater. 
The collection of Minifigures will also be great for those who enjoy magic or Castle themes.

For those who are yet to become Lego Fans:
The biggest audience will be those in the Magic community. There is a big market for gimmicks that enable you to perform magic tricks with little practice, that many magicians like to collect. And while most magicians will never have an opportunity to perform a full scale Grand Illusion, this will give them the opportunity to perform it in Minifigure scale. A great way to entertain friends and family with some magic.

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