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Steven Universe


Connie with Updated Sword

A smaller update to showcase a slight change in the accessories. I'm not using the cutlass piece for Rose Quartz' sword which I think is much more accurate. I also made an edit with a show background to shocase the new sword. Hope you enjoy!


Beach Group Shot + Cat Steven & Steven's Ukulele

Another post showcasing the figure designs / builds from my project. I've also added some extra stuff to round out the selection. Hope You enjoy them <3

I also wanted to include a shot on the beach (Background sourced from the show)

While I didn't have Ukulele piece available, I think that this piece works well as a substitute!

Cat Steven was one of the most fun (and cutest) characters to design.

Hope you all like the update!


Updated look at Lapis

Another quick update to showcase both the character growth of Lapis Lazuli as well as some of the different forms possible using the design in my project. Hope you all like it!


Updated look at Peridot

I thought I'd share a quick update to showcase not only Peridot's character growth in the series but also the different forms possible with the parts combination in the projeect. Hope you all enjoy!


A Thank You for 1000 supporters

I wanted to make a post to thank you all for 1000 supporters, it means so much to me to reach this milestone and I cannot thank you enough. <3


Updated Figure designs

After a lot of hard work, I hvae updated the figure designs for this project to something I am much more happy with. The new designs are a mixture of Lego and the shows designs and I'm very proud of them so I hope you enjoy too!

I've also submitted some updated images to the project itself, which should be updated within the week! Thanky you all for the support, Love you all <3



One of the most Iconic and cutest SU characters from the show. I am delighted to add him tothe project and I think the design turned out brilliantly! I hope you all enjoy him too!

Plus a render with a cool designed background


Van Update.

Smaller update this time but it was fun for me to work on.

Recently I managed to build a physical version of the van build from the project

This allowed me to brainstorm some structural changes to make the build more secure. Such as modifications to the frame / base 

I also took the opportunity to update the Greg figure to make it more accurate to the show and more detailed.

Hope you like the changes. Once I've had an opportunity to test some more of these changes physically I'll try to post a build guide for the van! Love you all <3



Bismuth is one of my absolute fevorite characters from the show so I absolutely had to add her to the project. I knew when building her that I had to scale her to the scale of a big-fig and with quite some help from @Bingus_bo_Scringus (Check out his awesome SU Brickheads project btw: I managed to get this amazing design. Hope you all enjoy the update!



Thank you all so much for your support so far!


Quick little post to show off one of my favorite details.

I was looking through some favorite screencaps of the series the other day and saw a good one showcasing the portrait of Pearl. I wanted to show off one of the lesser known details in the project through this render. Hope you enjoy!