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Steven Universe


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From 'Gem Glow' to 'The Future', Steven Universe has been teaching us about loss, forgiveness, love and self-care. A show that pushes the boundaries on the conversation around mental health and LGBTQ+ representation in animated TV. All through the beautiful design and storytelling that the team has crafted. The beautiful world, characters and stories hold a dear place in my heart, so I wanted to translate that into the world of Lego and share that love.

With this project I aimed to recreate the iconic Beach House and Mr Universe Van from the show. These two are the most important and recognisable pieces of the show. The Beach House is such a detailed location from the show and was a really cool location to build. The Van was also really fun to get the shaping correct and make the designs on each piece on the side ended up really satisfying. I have also created a brickbuilt Lion and Bistmuth for the project to go alondside the rest of the figures!

The build for the house includes a fully detailed interior with a removable roof for easier access. The walls on each side also open up to give a better look at the interior on each side. The back is also open plan and leads to the warp room, which is one of the most iconic parts of the show's world and intro sequence. There's also a lot of little rooms and details in the build to store little items and references to the show in ;)

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