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Interstellar Ranger


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The 2014 film Interstellar flung audiences far away from a dying Earth on a desperate expedition to find a new home among the stars. With this detailed and playable minifigure-scale model of the Ranger spacecraft used by the NASA astronauts on their journey, you can relive their adventure (or come up with your own).

  • Includes the TARS robot (with alternate decals for CASE and KIPP provided) and five astronaut minifigures: Cooper, Brand, Romilly, Doyle, and Mann.
  • Touch down with the working landing gear that stays hidden in flight, or display the Ranger on the included stand. The stand has a simple but sturdy docking mechanism so that the model can be easily removed and swooshed around.
  • Unfold the rear hatch and open the sliding cabin doors for the crew to enter and exit.
  • Remove the top of the craft to access the cabin, which features seating for four astronauts and TARS, along with fuel, navigation and docking consoles.
  • The project (including Ranger, stand, and figures) contains approximately 1050 pieces.

The Ranger’s shallow angles made capturing the shape in brick form quite challenging, which is part of why I opted for the windows to be masked in with decals. While I was happy to see the dozens of hours of work I poured into making Interstellar’s Ranger come together, the model could no doubt get even better with the help of a professional LEGO designer. To that end, if you want to see this become a real LEGO set, your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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