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Interstellar Ranger


Free Building Instructions!

Howdy! As promised, free building are now available. It was my first time making instructions, so please forgive the lack of polish. If you have any questions, feel free to post a question in the comment section. The instructions are 98 pages long with sticker sheet and parts list at the end. Cheers!

EDIT 2019.08.09: I have noticed a small error in Modules 11 and 12 in the instructions. The white 1x2x2 slope in each module should be facing the other way so that the straight end is in line with the back of the 4x4 black plate and the sloped end faces forward (i.e. toward the long side of the module). It still should attach to the 1x2 hinge plate.

EDIT 2019.10.27: Thanks to another builder who alerted me to 2 additional errors in the instruction booklet.

1. In module 17, step 7, there are three 1x1 white bricks. The brick on the top should actually be a white 1x1 technic brick (part 6541) instead otherwise the next step won't work. So the step 7 of module 17 should actually contain 2 1x1 bricks and 1 1x1 technic brick with hole.

2. Module 18 is actually mislabeled as module 19, so there will appear to be two module 19s in a row, but the first one is just mislabeled.

Apologies for any inconvenience that these errors caused and thank you to the fellow interstellar fan who pointed them out!

Instructions available from the following links:
Google Drive (Downloadable PDF)
Imgur (JPEG Album)



We have now passed 1000 supporters, thank you to everyone who has supported and shared this project!

Free building instructions are coming soon, so be sure to check back here! Thanks!


Ranger: Animated

Thank you to everyone who has supported the project so far!

I know it can be sometimes hard to get a feel for a project just off of pictures so I animated and scored a short video based on this project. For this film I built Cooper Farm (in 3 different scales!), the Endurance, a NASA hangar, Mann's habitat and more! Please note that these additional settings are not included in the LEGO Ideas project and were made just for the video.

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