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Steam Train With Power Functions


About This Project:

This set idea is my second attempt at building a train. This time I decided to hide the power functions battery box and remote sensor inside the train's tender car which also has the power functions motor built into it too. All of the power function components can be accessed easily. I took some pictures to display this feature. To turn on/off the battery box you can just push down lightly on the loose coal in the top of the tender car. The steam engine has a removable roof for access inside the driver's compartment. There are controls and a spot to sit the driver on each side of the interior as well as some room to pose the shovel man. The pistons on the steam engine actually move that are on each side. For the passenger car I wanted to try to do two cars that are joined in the middle and minifigures can walk through from one car to the other. While still being able to make it around any corners without getting stuck. For the minifigures to get on and off the passenger car there is only one exit at the end of the train. This gave me just enough room to have a little snack bar on the other end. Both halves of the passenger car have removable roofs for easy access inside. 

Play Features:

  • Power functions.
  • Removable sections on tender car for easy access to power funtions.
  • Removable roof sections on the steam engine and passenger car for easy access inside.
  • Steam engine's pistons on each side actually move.
  • Door on the end of the passenger car can open/close.


  • All the power function parts to make the train go like the battery box, the remote sensor, a connection cord, the power function train motor, and the remote control.
  • For minfigures at least the two guys in the steam engine. I will call them the driver and shovel guy just because I don't know the proper names. As well as the ticket checker that is on the end of the train and the guy working the snack bar. After that I am ok with whatever Lego deems appropriate.
  • Some Lego train track and again whatever Lego thinks is fitting.

I just want to say thank you for your time, comments, and support. I really appreciate it. 

Happy Building Everyone!


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