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Surviving on Cylarius-44.


After the settlement of the colony on the planet Cylarius-44, fights broke out between the human settlers and the Alien race which was already implanted on the planet. The whole of our installed forces are submerged in everything.
Here is why we contacted you, your mission is simple; protect the power plant by any means necessary. We are understaffed and have been able to dispatch only one assault section consisting of a heavily armed Rover and three soldiers as well as two engineers to maintain the plant. According to our information, the enemy has sent a sand beetle as well as several ground units.
Good luck Commander!

this set is composed of a Rover, a sand scarab, the power plant, two engineers, three soldiers, three aliens and their equipment. This set contains 1410 pieces.

I hope you like my project, I count on your votes and don't forget to check out on my other projects :)

Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk L.A County Fire Edition :

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