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Mission Cylarius-44.


After the discovery of this new exoplanet, the human being crossed the galaxy with the hope to rebuild a civilization due to the death of the earth.

During several months, men achieved to install an advanced station as well as communication relay stations all over Cylarius-44 in order to stay in contact with the Shops of command.

But the aliens do not wish that this planet falls in the hands of the humans. 

 Defend this communication station at all costs. For this mission the spacefighter Archangel is at your service.

or use the alien Scorpio, the Hopper, go to destroy this station and cut all communication between the advanced station and the mother ship.

After all,you are the master of the game!

This set contains: Two gunner, one engineer,the spacefighter Archangel, the communication relay, two aliens with their Scorpio and a hopper.

Number of pieces: 2050.
I hope you like my project, I count on your votes and don't forget to check out on my other projects :)

Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk L.A County Fire Edition :

thanks for giving me some of your time!


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