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Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk L.A. County Fire Edition


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Hey everybody,

I would like to introduce my new project on Lego Ideas. For those who don't know this helicopter I would like to present it. The S-70 Firehawk is a specialized fire-fighting helicopter platform developed by Sikorsky and based on the company's S70/UH-60 "Black Hawk" twin-engine transport airframe.

The latest version is based on the S-70A and S-70C firehawks.

Thanks to its big capacity tank it is capable to transport 1000 galons of water in order to fight major fires. The hold can also carry up to two medical litters and limited staff for the medevac role.

For all these reasons the Los Angeles County Fire Department chose this well equipped helicopter to cope with fires and the most extreme situations.

I wanted to create a set to honor the bravery and devotion of the firefighters in California.

 The set contains 2 pilots and a medic and the S-70 Firehawk helicopter.

The helicopter has a hatch system which can be opened and closed by a locking contact. 
The firehawk is equipped with a removable rotor and sliding doors as well.
Number of pieces: 990.


I hope you like my project, I count on your votes ;)

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